Bulding a Strong Program:An student’s total education is much more than just the class room.  The purpose of athletics is to develop emotional, mental, cultural, physical, and social growth.  Athletics and extra-curricular activities allow student-athletes to obtain leadership, responsibility, ownership, communication, commitment, and a connection with Horizon Science Academy High School.  All of these characteristics express the goals that H.S.A. has for each one of their student-athletes..

Athletic Director:
Craig Moro

Mr. Moro taught moral health at Horizon Science Academy last year prior to taking over the reign as the athletic director at the school.  Prior to 2009 Mr. Moro coached college baseball and football for 10 years.  In 2002-2003 he also started the athletic program at Constellation Community Schools as the Athletic Director.

Coach Moro understands what it means to be a student-athlete.  Moro coached both collegiate baseball and football at one of the strongest academic colleges in the country, Oberlin College.  Coach Moro also is no stranger to starting up successful programs and getting them on the right track.  Not only has Moro created athletic programs at Constellation Schools, but is also the founder of the baseball program at Notre Dame College (’05).  During his inaugural season the 2005 ball club won 22 games along with turning out two All- American players that year.

During his collegiate coaching stint Coach Moro helped send over ten student-athletes to the pros and a number of others to professional jobs all over the country. “It is terrific watching young student-athletes grow into mature responsible individuals.  That is more rewarding than mentoring the thirty-five All-Region and All-Conference players that I have coached in college baseball” said Moro.  Success is growth, and that is what Moro believes in.

From Moro’s playing days he has always made it clear that hard work in the class room and on the field transpires to one’s success.  Moro had the opportunity to be a two sport athlete at Mount Union College (presently- The University of Mount Union).  He was a part of the first National Championship Football Team ’93 and played baseball for the Purple Raiders receiving the OAC -Bob Murphy Award in ’97.  He continued to play independent baseball for a short stint in the Frontier League. At Mount Union Craig received a B.A. in Psychology and Physical Education. Craig is presently finishing his masters in education at Grand Canyon University.

Craig Moro is excited to be a part of Concept schools and even more excited about the opportunity to work at a terrific Blue Ribbon high school. Excellence can be expressed through a total well rounded experience on and off the field as a student-athlete. That is the focus at HSA.