Horizon Science Academy sends invites parents and any others who would like to review the Wellness Policy and volunteer to be a part of the process at the beginning of every school year.
Please see the invitation for next school year’s meeting at the following link:
2018-2019 Wellnes Policy Meeting Invitation

Please click here to view the Wellness Policy

Please be advised of the following change to Wed 5/23 breakfast menu:
“WG breakfast pizza” is now “WG breakfast sliders”
Please be advised of the following Fri 5/18 breakfast menu changes:
“2 each turkey sausage links” is now “2 each WG chicken nuggets”
“margarine cup” is now “syrup cup”


Please be advised of the following change for Wed 5/9 lunch menu:
“1c WG pasta” is now “1/2 c WG pasta and 1oz WG breadstick”