HSA Teacher Working two Jobs Surprised with Donations

The Horizon Science Academy first year teacher’s hard work did not go unnoticed, thanks to a curious shopper touched by Ms. Mitchell’s story.

Cleveland teacher working two jobs surprised with donations

Helena Mitchell is a kind-hearted, dedicated teacher who graduated from Bowling Green State University in May of 2017. She currently teaches 9th grade English at Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School. In addition to teaching, Ms. Mitchell spends her time working to offer students as many possibilities as she can by being a part of the following committees: prom, spirit week, talent show, National Stop Bullying Week, Black History Month, college spirit, and writing contest. She also started our first ever school gospel choir From Whisper to Shout. Ms. Mitchell has a great relationship with her students and goes above and beyond the call as a teacher.

Along with teaching and extracurricular activities, Ms. Mitchell continues to work a part time job at Giant Eagle. The love for her students goes beyond the classroom; she refuses to allow any student to go hungry. While grocery shopping she makes sure to get extra food for students whom she knows do not have enough to eat. A Christmas tradition she shares with her family exemplifies the enormous heart she has. Every Christmas they visit a local Cracker Barrel and surprise random strangers by paying for their meals. This tradition started because the family simply wanted to give back and to make people feel loved during the holiday season. During her time at BGSU, she participated in a choir group that volunteered at nursing homes and helped clean up different areas of the city. She also served food at homeless shelters and giving money to those in need. Ms. Mitchell’s generosity and dedication to improving the lives of others makes her an inspiration to all.