11th Grade Zoo Field Trip

-Wednesday, October 17   On Wednesday the 11th grade class took a trip to the Cleveland Metro parks Zoo. The students were accompanied by teachers and staff members throughout the day. Everyone was able to take a look at some of their favorite animals including tigers, lions, bears, monkeys, fish, and more. As they walked around […]

Welcoming Celebration ECity Parents

-Tuesday, October 16   On Tuesday Ms. Zupancic and her E City students hosted a celebration for the parents whose students are in the class. The event was designed to provide parents information about what ECity is and the different events they participate in. There was also a guest speaker from the farmers insurance who […]

12th Grade Cedar Point Trip

On Saturday, October 13th, 40 Seniors took a trip to Cedar Point with a group of teachers and staff. Students were able to ride some of the heart racing coasters, and enjoy delicious food. Students enjoyed being able to ride some of the new coasters including the Valravn, Steel Vengeance and the classic favorite, Millennium […]

CYSP Intercultural Amish Town Trip
Junior Parent Info Night