Why College Tours are important?

The U.S. News has noted that a college visit is an absolute necessity for college bound students. HSA College Tours is dedicated to providing superior college visit services for student groups.

Our college visits allow students to experience first hand what it is like to be a college student! During the college visit and campus tour the students have the unique ability to see themselves as a part of the college atmosphere.

In a typical college fair they provide us an informational session and a guided campus tour in which they have the opportunity to experience several aspects of college life.

Kent State University Visit
“Kent State was a very beautiful college. We had the opportunity to see mock dorms, lecture halls, and much more. While we toured the campus we even ran into Kent State’s homecoming king, and we got the chance to congratulate him. We were able to get a taste of what it is like to be a Kent State student. We all enjoyed the lunch we had, and the food was delicious. We even got the chance to meet our school Board member Professor Balci, a professor in the Physics department at Kent State University. He provided a tour of the science department explained how they work in laboratories and on advanced level science experiments such as laser micro-cameras. The visit helped me to better grasp what kind of college Kent State is. After the visit to Kent State, I am now adding it to the list of colleges I am considering.”–Raeann Campayne

Mount Union University Visit

On October 11, 2012 we (HSA seniors) visited University of Mount Union. Initially we had campus tour for almost two hours. We saw sample classroom, housing facilities, fitness center and all you can eat dining hall. After that we attended information section that was beneficial too. Our seniors got all their questions answered by the presenter. Finally and most importantly! “According to our seniors” we had our complementary lunch (all you can eat)
All prospect athletic recruits had a chance to meet with the coaching staff for each program and Larry Karris (the Athletic Director).
Each student athlete was able to watch wrestling practice, football practice, baseball fall ball, and basketball film.
This was a great learning experience for our students on how the athletic recruiting process works! We have 8 student athletes being recruited by mount union college in the following sports:

Dance team

College Fair
On September 30, 2012, Horizon Science Academy seniors and some IMP (HSA Ivy League Mentorship Program) juniors went to a college fair held at Lakeland Community College. I had a wonderful experience. LCC had invited more than 105 colleges to come out and represent their schools and to give us young ones a heads up on the great big college life. We all were overwhelmed with so many opportunities and possibilities that were eye open-ers. With attending HSA, we are more fortunate than others to be acknowledged by the highest colleges. It is an honor to say that I will be a HSA graduate and to have 100% college acceptance. I love our college trips and look forward to many more in the future. — Jasmine Hawkins (HSA Class of 2013)

College & Career Experience
On Saturday, September 15, 2012, our College Guidance Counselors and 20 of our seniors attended “Cleveland Classic College and Career Experience” and “Cleveland Classic 2012” Football Game at Cleveland Browns stadium.

We would like to thank our parent, Mr. Tony A. Elliot Jr., and The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies for providing tickets to the event.

My experience at the college fair was very informative. There were colleges and other institutes offering tips to help us after high school. I learned many things that I believe will help me in my future, both in the business world and in my personal life. After we visited the stations for the colleges we went around to the games and activities they had on the balcony. I enjoyed the information, the music, and the college football game we attended after the activities. Overall it was a good experience.On Saturday, September 15, 2012, our College Guidance Counselors and 20 of our seniors attended “Cleveland Classic College and Career Experience” and “Cleveland Classic 2012” Football Game at Cleveland Browns stadium.- Christina Elliott

BGSU Visit

Ivy League Trip
We have visited and attend informational sessions and campus tours of the following Ivy League colleges in this spring break with 6 junior students ; Harvard University,M.I.T., Colombia University,Yale University,Princeton University,West Point Academy.We have also visited Empire state build ,Time square and Statue of Liberty.
We have spend 3 nights and 4 days 1 night in Boston,1 night in New york and 1 night in New Jersey.

The trip was amazing. We had lots of fun on the road listening to music and singing songs until we arrived at our destination. When we finally arrived at Boston the first university we visited was Harvard University. We were taken on tour by our counselor, Mr. AK and Mr. Dengiz a math teacher here at Horizon. Over the next four days we visited Harvard University, Yale,Princeton, Columbia, MIT, and West Point. During the tours we had taken notice of the various nationalities and the change of atmosphere. The students were very dedicated. This trip really motivated the students to get high scores on their ACT and do whatever needed to be admitted into one of their college. Jonathon Clinton, Micheal Starling, Xavier Peake, Gary Montfort, Darrin Burley and I all are grateful for the trip. We will strive even harder now that we know how intense the competition is to get in to one of these colleges. I would recommend this experience for everyone.
Aaron Hall, HSA Class of 2013