CYSP Amish Village Trip

October 19, 2019

Together with 30 CYSP students, two parents and six CYSP advisors, we visited YODER’s Amish village last Saturday. It was a great trip for the students, parents, and staff. Everybody learned interesting information about the Amish culture and their lives. We got a chance to see a normal Amish home, clothes, food, furniture, etc. The best part of the trip was visiting the animal barn, playing and hugging with the cute animals, such as puppies, horses, ponies, rabbits, cats, kittens, sheep, and goats. In addition, we visited and observed the Amish Elementary school and rode the horse and carriage. As stated, it was a great event. Thank you for all the teachers and parents who came and made this trip easy and comfortable.

Amish Village – 10/19/2019

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