National Distinguished Title I Award

February 19, 2009
In an era of tight budgets and increasing demands, many schools are still finding ways to provide excellent educational opportunities for their Title I students. The 74 National Title I Distinguished Schools being honored this year are shining examples of the positive efforts being made across the country. Start the Conference with an uplifting celebration of what’s possible – Mission Possible.

Horizon Science Academy Cleveland High School, managed by Concept Schools was awarded National Title I Distinguished School Award for Closing the Achievement Gap. The award presented by Stephanie Gerber, 2009 National Title I Conference Chair, and a cast of hundreds from the National Title I Distinguished Schools, led by San Antonio’s Thomas Jefferson High School “Mighty Mustangs” Marching Band; Roxanne Vickers, Band Director. The National Title I award was presented to HSA Cleveland high School Director Mr. Cengiz Karatas at a special ceremony.

Horizon was one of two schools representing the state of Ohio.

Stephanie Gerber, 2009 National Title I Conference Chair presenting the award to Mr. Cengiz Karatas, HSA Cleveland High School Director