Clubs and Extracurricular Activities
HSA Cleveland High school offers a variety of clubs and afterschool activities. Clubs meet on a regular basis but days and times are subjected to the advisor. HSA is always looking for new ways to engage students. Staff is always open to students requesting new clubs and activities. Please see the current list of clubs and activities available to students. Please be aware information is subject to change and seeking out the advisor is best way to find up to date information about clubs.
Annual Events and Activities
  • Class Field Trips
  • College & Career Fair
  • College Trips
  • CONSEF (Science and Engineering Fair)
  • Drama Club Performances
  • Family Science Night
  • Film Slam Field Trip
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Homecoming Dance
  • International Festival
  • Prom
  • MathCon (Mathematics Competition)
  • Spirit Week
  • Spoken Word
  • Volleyball Staff and Student Tournament
Current Club Offerings
     Club - Advisor
  • Coding Club - Mr. Balci
  • Crochet Club - Mrs. Fisher
  • Drama Club - Mrs. Fisher
  • Drawing Club - Mr. Novak
  • Health Club - Ms. Walesch
  • Homework Club - Mr. Nagelski
  • Makers Lab - Mrs. Laura
  • Math Club - Mr. Yildiz
  • NHS - Mrs. Fisher
  • OST Prep - Ms. Thomas 
  • Raider Team Club - Maj. Bell
  • Reading and Writing Club - Mrs. Sedlak
  • SAT Club - Mrs. Toplak
  • Science Club - Mr. Girard
  • Spanish Club - Ms. Gipson
  • Spoken Word Club - Ms. Thomas
  • Sports Club - Mr. Hooks
  • Student Counsel - Mr. Carson & Mr. Sklad
  • Table Tennis Club - Mr. Hakan
  • Tabletop Game Club - Mr. Girard
  • Walking Club - Ms. Happ
  • Yearbook & Photography Club - Ms. Blanton
  • Zoology Club - Mrs. Girard
See the 2023-2024 Club Booklet Below! 
Afterschool AllStars
In addition to our regular clubs we have an afterschool program that is sponsored by Say Yes Cleveland called Afterschool All-stars. This program allows HSA to provide programs that are out side of our staff's abilities.  For the 2022-2023 school year Allstar's was able to bring in Culinary, Pod-casting, Barbering & Dance.