College & Career

Path to success
Horizon Science Academy is dedicated to preparing students for life after High School. To your right of the screen you will see several links providing programs we offer and sites that aid students in their college preparation. Below is information regarding our overall curriculum and expectations. 


The CS is dedicated to providing a diverse population of students with an outstanding education focused on math, science, and technology. The curriculum is designed to ensure 100% student proficiency on state standards in math, science, and English Language Arts as well as a 100% graduation rate and acceptance into college.

CS implements a standards-based, college-preparatory curriculum giving the staff flexibility to adapt instructional strategies in order to meet the needs of the students. The curriculum is based on a model developed and successfully implemented by Concept Schools in more than 30 schools in 4 states (Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan).  All parts of the CS curriculum is fully aligned with State Learning Standards.

Curriculum maps and unit plans provide the framework for the detailed weekly lesson plans that the teachers will complete with their grade-level partners. A shared drive will make plans accessible for reference by students and staff. These plans will specify the daily activities and assessments that teachers will use to teach and measure progress and to ensure that all homework and classwork are aligned to standards.


High School Curriculum 

High school graduation requirements exceed traditional public schools and include service-learning and a senior thesis. In order to earn a diploma, each high school student must meet all of the following requirements. Only students earning a diploma are permitted to participate in graduation activities. The high school curriculum will continue to undergo design refinements prior to the first ninth grade class entering CS so that the minimum high school course requirements provide students with the opportunity to meet the entrance requirements for top-tiered colleges and universities.